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About US

After working with a number of brands in the textile sector for many years I decided to create my own collection. It had to be a brand with ideas and a vision wholly different from all the others. Since we were looking for something new and different, we decided that it should be a “new road.” That is how the brand name Via Delle Rose came into existence. It was a name that expressed both our search and femininity with an Italian taste. What it means is “the Street of Roses”. I imagined Via Delle Rose to be an endless street. My goal was to diverge from conventional women’s clothing and create a difference.

To be better and different every season! Our brand’s motto is quality first and then difference and details.

We set off from the notion of difference, saying that a Via Delle Rose woman should be special. She should be cool, assertive and confident. As we continued on our path with this perspective we realized that this is in fact what every woman needs. This is why Via Delle Rose became a brand that makes women happy: confident and different. My team and I continue our journey together with many inspirations, adventures, diligence and good fellowship.

So, where is Via Delle Rose?

As Via Delle Rose we started in 2004, based in Italy. In 2007 we expanded to different countries upon their own request. Being different, we attracted attention. Today you can see, hear and purchase Via Delle Rose in 20 countries.